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A perfect way to battle the end of season overload of tomatoes. I have made this twice now, used grocery store asian wheat noodles, skipped the ice cubes, cold water rinse was enough to cool noodles, halved the indicated water for a more intense broth. Added julienned cucumbers. Absolutely delicious. Having a hard time keeping myself from eating it every night!


Dear Hive Mind, Do we think we could increase the water by 3/4 cup and chill the broth ahead of time (before adding noodles) instead of adding ice before serving? the prospect of ice shards (and breaking out the blender to crush ice) doesn't appeal to me.


I found the broth too mild for me so doubled mustard, soy, garlic etc. after rinsing the noodles, I just spread out the cooked noodles on a sheet tray and put in fridge for 15 minutes. I didn't have radish or scallion so I used finely shredded iceberg lettuce, some pickled onions and finely diced cucumber. I think next time I will crush some of the cherry tomatoes to extract some more flavor and let them sit longer than 10 minutes. I think adding some cooked protein would work. Very adaptable


Delicious! I made this more like a salad - I skipped the water. Also doubled the sesame oil, garlic, and dijon at the recommendation of other reviewers and was glad I did. Also increased the sesame seeds, radishes and scallions. Decreased the vinegar, sugar and salt - less than half of recipe instructions. Finally - I used shirataki noodles as I had them on hand; was a great choice (a rice noodle effect) but I also look forward to using wheat noodles next time as called for.


Just made this and mid meal felt the urgent need to come here and rave about it! Super easy and super quick to make! I used angel hair pasta and only added a smidge more soy sauce and vinegar but it was PERFECT I DIED. This is the dish you will win Timmy C over with Eric!

Nancy Holland

I'll be skipping the ice anyway because I'll be packing the noodles and broth separately to work and storing them in the fridge for four hours before I mix and eat them.


9/18/21 - portioned for one. 6oz tomatoes, 2 scallions, 2oz radishes, 2.5oz soba, 1/4t salt for the tomatoes. Sauce 4t rice vinegar, 2t soy, 1/8 sugar, 1 smaaaaalllll garlic clove, 1/6t Dijon, 1/6t sesame oil. 1/4c water. Cut toms in serving bowl. Measure water; hold in freezer. Sauce, into toms, toss lightly. Freezer water, mandolin radishes, scallions; freezer. When noodles are cool/cold add to freezer bowl. Really decent. Filling. Protein possible but shrimp, poached chicken only.


This is a nice base for a refreshing, healthy dish. The broth needed help to reach its potential, though. I made the addition of a finely minced chunk of ginger and Serrano pepper along with generous lime zest. Once all ingredients were combined, I poured boiling water over them and let the broth sit and reach room temp before moving it to the fridge. This allowed for just enough cooking to occur for flavors to start to release and meld. The result, as my friends will attest, was terrific.


Loved the idea behind this dish, but wanted to make it better for a cold day. I made the following adjustments:-heated 6 cups water and added 1 tbsp powdered dashi-Added all the other broth ingredients (e.g. soy sauce, vinegar, etc. at 2x ratio)-Added 2 handfuls of baby spinach to the brothFor assembly, in each bowl with broth we added:-Cooked soba noodles because we had it.-Added tomatoes-Added extra firm tofu cut into 1/2 inch cubes


somyeon is very readily used in Korea since it is very easy to cook. If you would not mind venturing out, for hot noodle soup, we use Dashi broth (dried anchovy and kelp). You can add fermented kimchi to have a little kick or you can garnish with Julienned zucchini saute with salt.


The tomatoes are amazing in this dish and pair so well with the noodles. My only complaint is that without the tomatoes the broth is not stand alone so you need a tomato in every bite.

Kit K

Followed the suggestions to double the garlic and Dijon, and am glad I did. I also added about 6 or 7oz of cubed extra firm tofu to give this some protein. It was really great, and I’ll definitely make it again.


This was good, and just as pretty as the picture! I was looking for something different to do with the tomatoes from my garden, and this fit the bill perfectly. What a great hot day dinner this would be when you don't want to heat up the kitchen. I made it faithfully except I omitted the sugar. I used dried soba noodles.


With minor substitutions for the toppings (e.g., cucumber and carrot for radish), made as directed. Trust the process! The broth is the right amount of water, and the ice is key. Don’t worry about shards, they dissipate quickly when they hit the noodles, even rinsed with cold water. Added some pan fried tofu with furikake to boost protein. This gets through a lot of summer staples you might be swimming in. Great recipe!


So so good as written! (admittedly ‘measuring’ by eye & taste and using winter tomatoes). Many are skeptical of the water & ice, but this is a light, refreshing icy-cold soup. Second time used sweet coconut vinegar and dark soy sauce, which added depth to the broth. Crushed ice instead of cubes. Rice noodles. Don’t skimp on the tomatoes, they are the star here and are essential to the broth. Can’t wait to riff on this some more (but not too much)


This was SUCH a surprise - so delicious and refreshing. I used Soba noodles, and although it doesn’t specify I used light soy sauce and not dark. So easy and perfect for those Sydney days where it’s too hot to turn the oven on!

L Daye

Excellent, light dish. Two modifications (based on helpful comments) 1. is less water - more mustard/soy sauce (Ive had mixed results with more garlic) 2. Cucumber is a great addition (although any cold vegetable could be used the texture of the cucumber fit in seamlessly)Based on my hunger level i add some more noodles and is totally a fulfilling meal on its own.

Kiley B.

Delicious and so quick. I skipped the ice cubes, as some had mentioned in the comments, and just gave the hot noodles a quick rinse in water, which cooled them perfectly. Also, I added gochujang to the broth just for fun. Everything turned out divine and my wife even requested all the leftovers for her lunch the next day! I will be saving this recipe as a go-to for future weeknight dinners or quick lunches.


I used chilled dashi (made from instant) instead of water. It was fabulous. Everyone loves it. Very different

Eric W.

I'm often suspect of cold soups, but this was surprisingly good. As others have noted, this is great way to use an overload of in-season tomatoes. Broth flavors were well balanced based on recipe amounts, but I used a Chinese soy sauce that tends to be lower salt than the more commonly available Japanese type. My scallions were particularly strong, so I soaked them in ice water for 20 min ahead of adding them to the final broth.


made with cucumbers instead of radishes, added crab meat, loved enjoying in 90+ weather with the ice cubes!


I doubled the sauce ingredients for 13oz of somen and added some wakame seaweed and a hard boiled egg to each serving and a few shrimp. No radishes but used extra green onions and added a little leftover cabbage - the crunch was nice. The dish is good but would be tasteless if made with the amount of sauce as listed in the recipe (not the mention the water! I used about a tablespoon per serving). Good base recipe but needs to be heavily adapted.


I added shiso, cucumber and a touch of chili oil. It was great!

András Király

It was amazing, but I don't understand what is the purpose of the first step. Why we release the liquids if using it together with all other ingredients? What else happening in that phase than just sucking out some of the inner liquids?


Refreshing and easy! Added silk tofu and more garlic and vinegar to my tasting. Made for one person, and broth lasted well for leftovers over the next few days!

Robert B

Delicious, easy and fast. Great dish for a hot, late-summer evening. We added some cooked shrimp per the suggested additions just because we had some around.


Delicious. I added ginger too.


Added firm tofu. Very good


So delicious with some tweaks. Doubled garlic , sesame seed and oil, mustard to have a stronger broth. Would also say that this amount of pasta needs 2-3 times the broth in the recipe.

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Cold Noodles With Tomatoes Recipe (2024)


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