Coconut Curry Chickpeas With Pumpkin and Lime Recipe (2024)



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This recipe is WOW! So many directions that you can take this or leave it as it is. For most curries I usually add a tablespoon of Tamari for a bit more depth. To help thicken this one I add about a 1/3 cup of red lentils. A tip I learned from an Indian chef. When adding spices to a curry, put your dry spices in a bowl and add hot water from the kettle to make a slurry. Then add to the pan or pot. It reduces the chance of scorching the spices in the hot pan which can make it taste bitter.


Great and easy but at least in my kitchen very very soupy at the suggested simmer time of 10 minutes. After 45minutes to an hour it looked just like the picture and was delicious, thick, rich and altogether great. Only change I made was using dry Aleppo pepper for jalapeño since I didn’t have jalapeños


I used light coconut milk, but no water and it turned out rich and creamy with no extra simmering time. I also added in a zucchini and extra garam masala and tumeric (tasted a little bland to me without it). Great with those additions!


I added carrots, zucchini, red pepper, snap peas


This recipe was absolutely delicious- my partner and I couldn't stop talking all night about how the flavors worked so well together. It was very easy- though took us about 1 hour total to make as we let it simmer on the stove for nearly 30 minutes to bring it to a thicker, richer consistency. I'll definitely be making this one again.


I tried this with light coconut milk despite the warning, and thought it turned out fine—though doubtless not as rich as with the full-fat stuff. Made with cooking spray in a cast iron pan, only 3 WW points for 4 servings, for those of us who (sigh) have to care about such things. Very mild, so we ate with a lot of hot sauce.


Delicious! Added 1 tsp of Kashmiri chili powder and an 8 oz bag of spinach, served over basmati rice.

Frances Ryan

The next time I make I will use a cast iron dutch oven instead of a skillet. Too much volume for a the skillet.


Followed the recipe exactly, and it turned out amazing! Everyone loved it. The pumpkin was not too strong or out of place, and the whole dish worked very well together. Next time I’m going to add in some tofu.


I added mushrooms, cashews, and kale and it was fantastic!


The key after topping off with cilantro and lime juice is to let the dish simmer and mellow out those flavors, which are initially very strong and don’t fit well with the rest of the dish.


I pureed it a bit with an immersion blender at the end of the cooking time. It thickened up nicely and it still had a lot of whole chickpeas in it. Topped it with some pepitas I had on hand. Flavorful and easy!


What would happen if you used light coconut milk? I'm guessing nothing except it would be less rich and less calories.


I didn't add the water (after reading some comments that it didn't turn out thick enough) and had to sub chili flakes for the jalapeno for the first time. Added one sliced carrot, 1/4 red pepper diced and a small handful of green beans. Had time to let it simmer for longer while waiting on the brown basmati rice to accompany it. The lime and cilantro at the end really brighten it up. Delicious - will add this to the rotation!


This is a wonderful recipe, but coconut milk is brimming with saturated fat and calories. What's the problem with with using "lite" coconut milk?

Samantha Nagel

13oz of chickpeas10oz of baby spinach leaves1 hand-shredded chicken breast (cooked in curry)Substitute the water for chicken stock.5C of heavy whipping cream, and it’s much better.


* Doubled spice, and added a bit of Kashmiri chili for some heat (about 1 1/2 tsp)* added pumpkin chunks* subbed water for chickpea liquid* didn't have tinned pumpkin, so steamed some fresh pumpkin, and blended with the coconut milk and added that* used lite coconut milk* added fresh spinach near the end* added some chicken better than bouillon Overall:* Decent curry but nothing too special (similar to other chickpea curries I've made in the past) A good base to start* extra lime!!!

Andy Mehrotra

Pretty good - add lime juice a bit at a time. I used half the pumpkin and didn’t really taste it. A full can would make it pretty thick.


Definitely budget more than 10 minutes to simmer

jan devlin

Incredibly flavorful while being easy, fast and cheap. One of the best things I’ve made in a while . I did substitute oil for 1/2 butter/ 1/2 coconut oil. Doubled cumin, tumeric and garam masala. Absolutely delicious !


This reheats perfectly and is now a go-to meal prep in our house! I agree with the comments about increasing the spices and skipping the water. Thank you commenters! We also add more vegetables to vary the texture. Adding some crunchy items/fresh vegetables helps balance the creamy and rich sauce. I like carrots (added in with the onions) and finishing off with kale in the last few minutes. We also top with crushed cashews alongside the cilantro and lime.


Wow! This was way too good and simple. Will be trying this again and again


I had such high hopes for this recipe and it just didn't work! Maybe using only half a leftover onion really messed it up, or maybe my spices were off? I added more spices and aromatics and it just never came together in a pleasing way. I'm a good cook and love Melisa Clark -- but was really disappointed!

alexis g

Maybe it’s my aging tastebuds, but this dish needs salt. It was so bland without. Otherwise, I appreciated the depth of flavors.


10/10 would make again! I would add more ginger and lime juice and perhaps some lime zest for some more zinginess (which I prefer). Also would leave in the jalapeño seeds next time as it ended up not being spicy at all.


Double the spices and salt, bloom in water. Add spinach and peppers.


Appreciate the simplicity of this recipe. Quick and tasty for a weeknight vegetarian meal that is filling!


I baked a kabocha squash and put that in instead of canned pumpkin. It was so easy to do and SO delicious. Perfect consistency.


Second time making this. It’s so good. Doubled dry spices and added chopped spinach at the end. Added extra water - I think quality of coconut milk makes a huge difference to whether you need more or less water! I use the best I can find (organic Waitrose brand in UK) and it’s so creamy and thick despite no added thickeners.

S Bomb

When we make this, we double the spices, triple the chickpeas, and add 5 oz (or whatever) of baby spinach.

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Coconut Curry Chickpeas With Pumpkin and Lime Recipe (2024)


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